Thursday, November 10, 2011

2011 Packer Police Set.

Wow after last weeks game I need a walk around the block and some heart medication.  Yikes! But the Pack is 8 and 0 and looks like we might actually break they record of 10-0 as the teams best start. I fully expect to destroy the Vikings this Sunday, no reason not to. With a rookie quarterback.  Anyway, I just got this in the mail.  Every year since 1983 the Green Bay police department and the Packers team up to offer a set with sound police advise on the back.  Most of these set can be had for a few dollars, with the 1992 set, the first year Favre was included going for fairly big bucks.  I ended up snagging this set from a seller for a five dollar bill with free shipping, so not too shabby.  Here they are all 20 of them for your viewing pleasure.
Wait a second, where's Jordy?  The punter gets a card, but not Jordy Nelson? Blasphemy.

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