Friday, March 4, 2011

5 More Years of the Hawkmeister

Interesting week to say the least on the Packer news front with AJ Hawk getting cut then what seems like the next day getting a 5 year deal.

I listen to ESPN radio on the ride home from work and when I first heard he'd been cut my first thought was WTF?  And then of course the blurb included that it was for cost cutting reasons and Hawk was due a 10 million dollar payday.  OK I get it, but damn I liked that dude.  Then yesterday on the ride home I hear he signed a 5 year deal.  The specifics aren't out yet but it's rumored to be worth about 35 mil over the 5 years.  Or about 7 million a year with 10 million guaranteed.  Of course these are rumors, but supposedly it's close.

The link will take you to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel page with the article.  I was searching around Yahoo but the AP article I found couldn't even get the name of the head coach right.  It kept calling him McCartney not McCarthy.  Christ I could be an editor there. But then I noticed that the MJS article did it too.  Then I realized that it was AJ Hawk who screwed us by picking an agent by the name of McCartney. Mike McCartney.  I guess I should read slower. Sorry guys.

What ever I'm glad to have AJ back for a while.  At the start of last season it was reported that he put his house up for sale in Green Bay.  I can only guess it's been taken off the market.  .

He was an integral part of the Super Bowl team and stepped up when Barnett when down.  I think the Pack is going to have a great defense this year, if we get to see them play and locking up a great linebacker like Hawk is awesome.  As long as AJ can stay healthy.  I think it should be a great 5 years.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some Jordy Rookies from COMC

I just got my package from  I ended up going the economy route and was picking up cheap filler from some insert sets.  Mostly Turkey Red 2009 and 2010 inserts and some Monsters of the Mesozoic to fill the gaps.  But I also picked up a few Younts I needed and found these nice two Jordy Nelson Numbered Rookie Parallels for super cheap I couldn't pass them up.
First up is the 2008 Masterpiece Red Framed parallel #d to 199.  I might have to try and get  a mini rainbow if I can find the other parallels this cheap.

And this ....
A 2008 Score Gold Zone rookie #d to 400.  Some nice additions to my Jordy collection.