Thursday, July 7, 2011

1997 ProFlicks Packers

I bought two boxes of these at trade night the other night.  I couldn't resist, for the price of a pack of cards I got a slew of cool oddball football cards.  And I also got a few Packers to add to my collection. I did put up a bigger post of the box break over at Collector's Crack

Will start off with the late and great Rev. Reggie White.

Here's what the box looks like.

Not a bad checklist in the product either, some great HOFer's in here, and some not so hot anymore guys too.

Chewy.  Poor Mark got injured in 1999 against the Lions and was never the same.  He is probably best remembered in Wisconsin for his trial for allegedly having sex with his 17 year old baby sitter.  He was acquitted.

And lastly the Favres.
One of these is the refractor parallel but the scan makes it impossible to tell which.  I do know that the Reggie White up top was a Refractor as well.
I was really hoping to pull a QB Greats Favre too but I ended up with two Troy Aikmans.

And of course this was put out after the Packers SuperBowl XXXI win, so it's got that going for it too.