Thursday, January 31, 2013

Double D retires and I only wish I could go to Lambeau to see it.

You don't see career long Franchise players in football much anymore.  At least not ones that aren't quarterbacks.

Today Donald Drive announced his retirement and it brought a tear to my eye.  Not so much that he's retiring, but that he's retiring as a Packer.  Sure this last season his role was greatly diminished and he didn't get a lot of touches, but he did make plays and every now and then you were reminded that this 14 year career Packer is still a man you have to account for.

I'm glad he got his ring and I was hoping he'd get one more.  But I raise my glass to number 80!  The man affectionately know as Double D and one hell of a football player.  From this lifelong Packers fan I will miss you, but I'm hoping that maybe the Packers realize what a great asset you would be to the club off the field.

I don't own any Driver autos, something I'm probably going to have to remedy.  But I do have a couple really nice cards that I'll have to feature here later when I can get them scanned.

Right now I'm just a little sad and happy that I won't have to see number 80 play for anyone else.  It's a little selfish sure, but really how many Jerry Rice fans wanted to see him go and play for the Raiders?

cb out

Friday, January 25, 2013


Wow it's been awhile since I stumbled into the LWFL blog.  After my little hissy fit about the replacement refs, I got into the season watched the Packers put together a pretty good season only to watch them get their asses handed to them by the 49ers.  Nothing really too exciting happening on the collecting front either. There have been some really nice cards popping up, but I'm way to cheap.

There was this great Double D auto relic from Limited.  Which ended going for about 32 bucks, numbered to 25.  I'm going to miss Driver.  He took a reduce roll to stay with the team, I'm not sure how much Donald has left in the tank, but I'm sure he won't be back on the Packers roster next year.  One of the greats.

Speaking of greats.
Saw this Crown Royale beauty up for auction last week as well.  It went for only 27 bucks, number to 75.

And one of my all time favorite players and a guy that signs TTM very consistently.

This beauty pulled in $55 and is numbered only to 25.  A great swatch of what is either a piece of the sleeve or pant, I'm thinking pants.  I miss Sterling, but if there is anything good on the NFL network it's his show.

So sorry for the lack of posting and sorry this is a half assed post, but now that football is over for me it time to start looking toward baseball!  Less than a month till pitchers and catchers report.