Friday, September 17, 2010

Some trade night pick ups.

Got these from Don's Sportscards in Anchorage the other night.  The bulk of it I posted at Collector's Crack.

I did pick up some nice packer stuff.  Not alot but some.

I got these 2 '67 Philly cards for cheap and in great condition.  Building my vintage packer stuff slowly.

I also picked up this little gem.

Jordy was only a dollor!! Jersey #d to 199!! I've been watching this on Don's drop board for weeks wating and hoping nobody picked it up.  Don's drop board is a ped board he throws cards up on and every few days if they don't sell he lowers the price all the way down to a dollar.  Blam.

I also picked up this guy from a pack of 2010 Threads I bought.

Not to shabby of a night and I've got some good contacts for local trades.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The long way from Lambeau blog is here.

Well not that I want to dilute things at collector's crack but I've wanted to put together a Packer blog for awhile not.  Cards, football, the team, all things Packers.  So here it is.