Sunday, December 26, 2010

Oh yeah One down One to go.

Jordy, Jordy, Jordy.  Sorry I think my favorite packer this year, at least on offense has to be Jordy Nelson.  He's coming right along.  If it wasn't for that fumble today he would have been perfect.  And while our running game was almost nonexistant today, Kuhn had a pretty big day ramming the ball into the endzone and Rodgers spread out the ball to just about everyone.   And Rodgers looked good.  Now to stick it to the Bears next week.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Looks like lots of tackle practice this week

I should just be happy that the game was close.  After watching the Pat's tear apart the Bears last week, I really didn't expect to win last night.  And Matt Flynn, I have to say, had a freaking great game, 3 TD over 250 yards and of course one pick.  We came out and to my surprise and for a while I thought we might win this thing.  Of course the worst coach in the NFL that won't get fired this year Mike McCarthy came through again.  The killer was not getting in the endzone and having to settle for a fieldgoal, I knew we were toast.  Having been a Packer fan so long you can see this coming.  Although there was a glimmer of hope at the end and if it had been Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre there is a very good chance we pulled this out but not with Matt Flynn unfortunately although if he had man.....

Well looks like I'm going to be rooting for the Vikings tonight, in the hopes that the Viks can pull one out we still have a shot at this.  Maybe we can get a miracle win against the Giants next week too!

cb out.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Keep on rolling Pack

You would think that Mr. Driver here would be down, but if you haven't seen the clip on SportsCenter or any other sports show he actually scores here.

I was worried after the 1st half.  The Pack was making stupid mistakes, the 49er's where keeping up and I was worried.  Being a life long Packers fan, and if your one as well, you know what can happen if the Pack doesn't pull it together.  Hell I've seen them up by 20 and still lose.  But we came out of halftime and turned it up a notch and no looking back.  And when all was said and done we pulled off a nice win at home.  Chilly too.  34-16.  Out scoring the 49ers 20 to 3 in the second half.

Unfortunately the Lions couldn't hold it together to win. So the Bears are still all alone on top of the division. It's funny to note that the Lions aren't really as bad as their record looks.  They've been putting a lot of points on the board the problems seems the finishing.  I'm just hoping that they lose at least one more next week.

And the buzz around the sports world is.. is Brett Favre done?  Probably not.  But TJ looks not great but alright.  It helps when AP puts up 3 TD's of his own.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Man what a crappy day for a Packers fan.  A heartbreaking loss in Atlanta, that was only our fault.  Goal line fumble and the face mask at the end,stupid stupid.

Anyway I had a great post in my mind with Jordy Nelson having such a great game.  Jennings still had more yards but Jordy was second and had the only recieving TD.  The tying TD in the 4th no less.  I've been waiting for Jordy to get some action.  He was the punt returner the past 2 seasons and now it seems the Packers are finally seeing his potential as a wide reciever.

So in honor of JD's good game here are some of my favorite Jordy cards from my collection.

This beautiful sophmore jersey card.  I picked this up for a buck at my favorite LCS, Don's Sportcards, off his drop zone wall.  Bowman Sterling #d 052/399.

A great pick up from this years Topps set.

A beautiful rookie auto from Topps Stadium club.

And my favorite.

2008 SPX triple relic auto #d042/599.

Stupid Bears.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Ding Ding.

Oh I'm planning on having a good week next week.  A three day work week followed by a 4 day weekend.  I'm 20 days from closing on my house.  The Pack is tied for first in the NFC north and we got Atari back.  Now to sweep the Viks Sunday and it'll be a super happy Thanksgiving for Charlie Brown.  Looks like Sydney Rice might make it back for this game to help make it interesting.  I've been jonesing for my Pack.  Last week was their bye week, the last bye week of the season and I'm hoping everyone got a nice rest and some good practice in.  I have to say the Packers-Vikings rivalry is probably one of the best in the NFL.  Now I know that the Packers-Bears rivalry is older and more ingrained but while I have no hatred for my cousins to the west I hate the Vikings.  I mildly dislike the Bears but I like deep dish pizza and rooting for the cubs with my fiance even though I'm not a big cubs fan I like the underdog and the cubs have been underdogs so long it's hard not to like them and they've got quite a dry spell going on there. And I've always wanted to go see a game a Wrigley Field.  It's funny I don't hate the Twins either as a matter a fact I find myself rooting for them all the time, especially this playoff season.  But for some reason I hate the Vikings.  I don't know why.  Yes it's infused in my Wisconsin blood, but seems highly unnatural.  Maybe it's Favre,who oddly enough I don't hate either,  must be what 16 years as a Packer god does to me.  I was glad he had a good season last year, but not so glad that he beat us twice.  So I'm hoping that we get to return the favor this year. 

As a practicing Cynicalbuddhist I find hate very counterproductive, yet somehow I allow myself to hate the Vikings.  But oddly enough I don't find myself hating the players or for that matter the fans.  I have many friends that are Vikings fans and we give each other an ungoddly amount of shit but there is no hate there. 

Other than that I'll either be a happy poster come Monday or a very angry poster and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry!!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

The long weekend.

The Pack are coming off their bye week looking to do what Favre did to us last year, sweep.  While not everyone is coming back healthy or at all in Tauscher's case at least we are looking better.  Now all I can hope for is a win at the Metrodome.  I also hope the boys enjoyed the week off cuz it ain't going to get any easier here on out.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bye Al, and Good Luck

Just saw over the wire that Al Harris was released from the Packers.  Al's been in rehab since last November and while it would be awesome to have him back I can see the logic.

The full story is here.

I remember years ago when it was the dread boys on the corners,  Al Harris and Mike McKensie,  those were the days.

Week 9 45-7 Cowwho?

You might remember my rant a few weeks ago.  No that's cuz nobodies following this blog get on that!

Anyway, I declared the season over, my hopes dashed my dreams smothered, not that I'm a fairweather fan, far from it.  I'm just a realist.  But there is hope.  After shutting out the Jets last week, which, was a defensive job, seeing that we only got close to the endzone never in it, and routing the Cowgirls yesterday I have hope.

I'm glad Clay Matthews is healthy.  Now if we could get a few other guys back we might have a go at this thing yet.

I do feel bad about the late in the 2nd quarter non fumble TD but we didn't need it, although I'm sure it was a moral destroyer for the Cowboys, sorry Captain.  It really surprises me how bad the Cowboys were on Sunday.  I mean, yes Romo's hurt but you've got a hell of a back field and it's not like Kitna's a rookie, he's got quite a bit of field time. 

I will say this, that going into our bye week things are looking a little rosier. 

cb out.

Friday, October 29, 2010

some new pick ups from COMC's

Way back in Janurary there was a slew of New Years collecting resolutions.  I was way behind but I decided I was going to try to put together team sets from my two favorite sports franchises, the Brewers and the Packers.  Now one of my LCS has some great vintage stuff and I'll be showcasing what I buy from him and complete team sets eventually.  Seeing as I'm just now getting around to sorting my Packers box into sets.  But Check Out My Cards is another great source to fill in holes in team sets and card sets as well. 

I had been slowly collecting a large pile of cards at the site to take advantange of there bulk shipping when on 10/10/10 they offered 10 buck shipping on 40 cards so I jumped.  I finished my second set of Topps Baseball buying the 3 cards I could not seem to find by buying pack after pack and a bunch or Packers stuff,  the Brewers pick up's will be posted over at my Brewers blog Mile from Miller.

First up is nice selection of 1976 Topps. Careful don't look directly at John Hadl's head it might blind you.
Next is the only Packer from the 1976 Wonder Bread football issue Fred Carr.  His 1976 Topps Card is above.
Probably my best snag was this 1955 Bowman Bill Howton card.  I really do love the look of this set.  Everybody looks like angels with that halo around them.  That crinkle on the left hand side is from the penny sleeve in the top loader and not on the card.
Lastly are 4 1979 Packers, and arguably the worst football card picture ever.  Check out that Chester Marcol in the upper right hand corner.  Believe it or not but Chester was the Packers top scorer, he was a kicker after all, and not retraded.

cb out.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's over man, over!

Man I hate to be a pessimistic baby, but crap it was looking so good and now well if you haven't read the headlines or just don't like the Packers, were done.  I know we are only 3-2 and there's lots of season left and that's what scares me.

With are starting running back out of the season, the back up and full back have stepped up.  We became a throwing team.  Now that Rodgers has a concussion and will be out a game that's not good.  Half the starting line for the offense and defense are out.  Clay Matthews who was become a power unto himself is out with a hamstring pull.  Donald Lee and Jermichael Finley out for a while.  I just don't see this team holding it together.  We can hold that Matt Flynn all the second stringers step up and prove there worth but lets be honest I'm not expecting much.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It was a Squeeker.

Wow what a game.  What a 4th quarter deconstruction, but we pulled out the win.  I can't believe we almost lost to the Lions!!  But the Lions showed up to play and they are going to win a few games, at least statistically they should, I was just hoping it would be against the Packers.
And it was nice to see Kuhn step up. 

3 - 1 ain't too bad.  Now lets see if New York can take Chicago down a peg.
cb out

Friday, September 17, 2010

Some trade night pick ups.

Got these from Don's Sportscards in Anchorage the other night.  The bulk of it I posted at Collector's Crack.

I did pick up some nice packer stuff.  Not alot but some.

I got these 2 '67 Philly cards for cheap and in great condition.  Building my vintage packer stuff slowly.

I also picked up this little gem.

Jordy was only a dollor!! Jersey #d to 199!! I've been watching this on Don's drop board for weeks wating and hoping nobody picked it up.  Don's drop board is a ped board he throws cards up on and every few days if they don't sell he lowers the price all the way down to a dollar.  Blam.

I also picked up this guy from a pack of 2010 Threads I bought.

Not to shabby of a night and I've got some good contacts for local trades.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The long way from Lambeau blog is here.

Well not that I want to dilute things at collector's crack but I've wanted to put together a Packer blog for awhile not.  Cards, football, the team, all things Packers.  So here it is.