Sunday, November 28, 2010


Man what a crappy day for a Packers fan.  A heartbreaking loss in Atlanta, that was only our fault.  Goal line fumble and the face mask at the end,stupid stupid.

Anyway I had a great post in my mind with Jordy Nelson having such a great game.  Jennings still had more yards but Jordy was second and had the only recieving TD.  The tying TD in the 4th no less.  I've been waiting for Jordy to get some action.  He was the punt returner the past 2 seasons and now it seems the Packers are finally seeing his potential as a wide reciever.

So in honor of JD's good game here are some of my favorite Jordy cards from my collection.

This beautiful sophmore jersey card.  I picked this up for a buck at my favorite LCS, Don's Sportcards, off his drop zone wall.  Bowman Sterling #d 052/399.

A great pick up from this years Topps set.

A beautiful rookie auto from Topps Stadium club.

And my favorite.

2008 SPX triple relic auto #d042/599.

Stupid Bears.

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  1. I'm bummed too... tough loss... but I think it'll only make them better. Go Pack Go!