Friday, November 19, 2010

Ding Ding.

Oh I'm planning on having a good week next week.  A three day work week followed by a 4 day weekend.  I'm 20 days from closing on my house.  The Pack is tied for first in the NFC north and we got Atari back.  Now to sweep the Viks Sunday and it'll be a super happy Thanksgiving for Charlie Brown.  Looks like Sydney Rice might make it back for this game to help make it interesting.  I've been jonesing for my Pack.  Last week was their bye week, the last bye week of the season and I'm hoping everyone got a nice rest and some good practice in.  I have to say the Packers-Vikings rivalry is probably one of the best in the NFL.  Now I know that the Packers-Bears rivalry is older and more ingrained but while I have no hatred for my cousins to the west I hate the Vikings.  I mildly dislike the Bears but I like deep dish pizza and rooting for the cubs with my fiance even though I'm not a big cubs fan I like the underdog and the cubs have been underdogs so long it's hard not to like them and they've got quite a dry spell going on there. And I've always wanted to go see a game a Wrigley Field.  It's funny I don't hate the Twins either as a matter a fact I find myself rooting for them all the time, especially this playoff season.  But for some reason I hate the Vikings.  I don't know why.  Yes it's infused in my Wisconsin blood, but seems highly unnatural.  Maybe it's Favre,who oddly enough I don't hate either,  must be what 16 years as a Packer god does to me.  I was glad he had a good season last year, but not so glad that he beat us twice.  So I'm hoping that we get to return the favor this year. 

As a practicing Cynicalbuddhist I find hate very counterproductive, yet somehow I allow myself to hate the Vikings.  But oddly enough I don't find myself hating the players or for that matter the fans.  I have many friends that are Vikings fans and we give each other an ungoddly amount of shit but there is no hate there. 

Other than that I'll either be a happy poster come Monday or a very angry poster and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry!!!!!

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