Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 9 45-7 Cowwho?

You might remember my rant a few weeks ago.  No that's cuz nobodies following this blog get on that!

Anyway, I declared the season over, my hopes dashed my dreams smothered, not that I'm a fairweather fan, far from it.  I'm just a realist.  But there is hope.  After shutting out the Jets last week, which, was a defensive job, seeing that we only got close to the endzone never in it, and routing the Cowgirls yesterday I have hope.

I'm glad Clay Matthews is healthy.  Now if we could get a few other guys back we might have a go at this thing yet.

I do feel bad about the late in the 2nd quarter non fumble TD but we didn't need it, although I'm sure it was a moral destroyer for the Cowboys, sorry Captain.  It really surprises me how bad the Cowboys were on Sunday.  I mean, yes Romo's hurt but you've got a hell of a back field and it's not like Kitna's a rookie, he's got quite a bit of field time. 

I will say this, that going into our bye week things are looking a little rosier. 

cb out.

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  1. My prediction going into the bye week for us was 6-3.

    We didn't win the six I thought we'd win, and we didn't lose the 3 I thought we'd lose, but hey, same record. I'll take it.

    The NFC is wild. Falcons, Giants, and Saints are the other strong teams, but I can't say "No way the Packers can beat any of those teams." It's wide open.

    Claymaker for MVP.