Monday, December 6, 2010

Keep on rolling Pack

You would think that Mr. Driver here would be down, but if you haven't seen the clip on SportsCenter or any other sports show he actually scores here.

I was worried after the 1st half.  The Pack was making stupid mistakes, the 49er's where keeping up and I was worried.  Being a life long Packers fan, and if your one as well, you know what can happen if the Pack doesn't pull it together.  Hell I've seen them up by 20 and still lose.  But we came out of halftime and turned it up a notch and no looking back.  And when all was said and done we pulled off a nice win at home.  Chilly too.  34-16.  Out scoring the 49ers 20 to 3 in the second half.

Unfortunately the Lions couldn't hold it together to win. So the Bears are still all alone on top of the division. It's funny to note that the Lions aren't really as bad as their record looks.  They've been putting a lot of points on the board the problems seems the finishing.  I'm just hoping that they lose at least one more next week.

And the buzz around the sports world is.. is Brett Favre done?  Probably not.  But TJ looks not great but alright.  It helps when AP puts up 3 TD's of his own.

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