Tuesday, January 18, 2011

That's not a jersey card. This is a Jersey Card!

I was digging through another box of random cards from years of yore and came across this jersey card of Ahman Green I bought way back in 2002 or so.  I couldn't resist when I saw this baby way back when. 

Any Packer fan will remember Ahman for his years of service as the Packers main running back from 2000 to 2006 and came back to the team for the end of the 2009 season.  After a quick google search I found out he is currently playing football with the United Football League on the Omaha Nighthawks.  He is also currently the Packers all time rushing leader.

Here's the back too.

So your saying what's so special about this card it's just a green swatch.  Well back in 2002 Flair included a box topper with each box.

This card is huge!! I've placed a Richie Weeks bat card next to it for scale. 

Well the Pack seems to be on a roll, taking the Falcons down with a huge ass whoppin'.  It's nice James Starks has stepped it up and helped the running game.  I didn't think we would ever make it this far with all the injuries we've had all year but man what a great last 4 games.  Only one more to go till the Superbowl.

Green Bay all the Way!!!

cb out.

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  1. That's an awesome jumbo jersey card of Green. This weekend's game against the Bears should be epic. It should be a good one... with hopefully the Packers coming out on top. How awesome would a Packers/Steelers Super Bowl... two franchises with so much history behind them.