Monday, January 24, 2011

I wonder how many people called in sick to work today in Wisconsin?

Wow.  WOW!!!  I can't believe it.  I better start going to church because God surly exists after this football season.  First the collapse of the Metrodome roof and now the NFC Championship.  Yesterday was a good day.  Well a good day to be a Packer fan and I a Steelers fan.  Back around week 5 I called the season over.  Rodgers had gotten hurt, Ryan was out for the year after the first game, it wasn't looking good.  I'm not ashamed I wrote it.  Here is it.  But wow what a come back.

I bet the Bears are wishing they'd have tried a little harder in the last game of regular season now!!  I'm not going to sit here and tell you how great the Pack is.  I wish I could.  But I'm pretty sure they won all there games because I was wearing my lucky Packers hoodie I got for Christmas.  That has to be it.  Ever since I got it the Pack hasn't lost.

 Or we might just have gotten lucky.  Don't get me wrong there is skill here, but lots of luck too and a pretty damn good defense.  Steelers looked pretty good yesterday too.  Well until the Jets almost came back, but they got it done.   I think they're beatable,  if the Pack can step it up. 

Did you see that hit Rodgers took from Peppers?  Man that had me worried.   The only other thing I keep praying for besides the win was don't let Rodgers get another concussion.  I really don't want Matt Flynn starting in the Super Bowl.  No offense Matt Flynn.

I can only image what Green Bay was like last night.  I remember back in 1996, I was going to school at UW Stevens Point and after the Packers won the NFC Championship and we were going to the Super Bowl a bunch of friends and I jumped in the car and drove to Green Bay for the night.  Holy Crap was that place fun.  And that was after a 30 year drought, I can only image what it's like after this 13 years of no Super Bowls.  The kids are crazy these days. 

But you have to understand Green Bay is tiny compared to other NFL towns.  Green Bay proper has just over 100,000 people, and the Metro area just over 300,000.  It's not unusual to see a Packer out having dinner or at a bar in the town.  I knew lots of people in college from Green Bay and they would tell me all sorts of stories about Brett Favre from his heyday.  And the bar scene in GB is pretty fun, especially on Sundays during football season.  There's a bar right next to Lambeau called the 50 yard line and its standing room only on Sundays, if you can even get in the door.  Back in 1996 it was like Mardi Gras, I can only image what it was like last night.  I think the Governor might have had to declare a state holiday just to get everyone excused from work.  I'm sure there are some serious hangovers in the state right now.

Congrats to my fellow Cheeseheads and Packer Fans enjoy it.  It feels pretty damn good.

And I was thinking if we made it to the Superbowl with so many players hurt and out for the year, I wonder what we could do with a healthy team that can stay healthy next year?

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