Monday, February 29, 2016

2015 Topps Definitive Collection Ultimate Packers Checklist and Gallery

2015 Topps Definitive Collection

Base Rookie Autograph Patch
Base #d, Green #/25, Blue #/10, Red 1/1 (multiple 1/1 patch and logo versions)
DC-9 Brett Hundley
DC-15 Ty Montgomery

Autograph Inscription
Base #d, Red #/1
AIC-AR Aaron Rodgers
AIC-BF Brett Favre
AIC-BH Brett Hundley
AIC-EL Eddie Lacy

Definitive Autograph Patch
Base #/d, Green #/25, Blue #/10, Red 1/1
DAP-CM Clay Matthews
DAP-EL Eddie Lacy
DAP-JN Jordy Nelson
DAP-PH Paul Hornung

Definitive Patch #/1
PC-EL1 Eddie Lacy
PC-EL2 Eddie Lacy
PC-JN1 Jordy Nelson
PC-JN2 Jordy Nelson

Definitive Rookie Autographs
Base #/d, Green #/25, Blue #/10, Red 1/1
DRA-BH Brett Hundley
DRA-TM Ty Montgomery

Dual Autograph
Base #/d, Green #/25, Blue #/10, Red 1/1
DA-FM Brett Favre - Peyton Manning
DA-FR Aaron Rodgers - Brett Favre
DA-HM Ty Montgomery - Brett Hundley
DA-LN Jordy Nelson - Eddie Lacy
DA-MN Jordy Nelson - Clay Matthews
DA-MR Peyton Manning - Aaron Rodgers

Dual Autographed Patch
Base #/d, Blue #/10, Red 1/1
DLAP-HM Ty Montgomery - Brett Hundley
DLAP-LN Eddie Lacy - Jordy Nelson

Framed Rookie Autograph
Base #/d, Blue #/10, Red 1/1
FRA-BH Brett Hundley
FRA-TM Ty Montgomery

Framed Rookie Autograph Patch #/d
FRAP-BH Brett Hundley
FRAP-TM Ty Montgomery

Jumbo Patch
Base #/d, Purple #/35 or less, Green #/25 or less, Blue #/10, Red 1/1
JPC-BH Brett Hundley
JPC-CM Clay Matthews
JPC-EL Eddie Lacy
JPC-TM Ty Montgomery

Legendary Autograph
Base #/d,  Blue #/10, Red 1/1
LAC-AR1 Aaron Rodgers
LAC-AR2 Aaron Rodgers
LAC-BF1 Brett Favre
LAC-BF3 Brett Favre

Rookie Nameplate
Multiple cards #/1
DNC-BH Brett Hundley
DNC-TM Ty Montgomery

Veteran Nameplate
Multiple cards #/1
VNC-CM Clay Matthews
VNC-JN Jordy Nelson

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  1. Either or those Rodgers autographs would make sweet additions to any Packers PC. Can you imagine owning a card that both Manning and Rodgers held? How sweet is that? That Lacy/Nelson dual isn't too shabby either.