Monday, August 24, 2015

2015 Topps Football Ultimate Packers Checklist and Gallery

I'm a huge Jordy Nelson fan and I'm pretty bummed about the injury, but lets break down the new and last Topps flagship baseball set for the Packers

2015 Topps Football
Base, Gold #/2015, BCA Pink #/499, STS Camo #/399, 60th Anniversary #/60, Platinum 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1
1 Aaron Rodgers
3 Jordy Nelson
10 Eddie Lacy

11 Clay Matthews
14 Julius Peppers
20 Randall Cobb
26 James Starks
53 Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
63 Mason Crosby
252 Aaron Rodgers All Pro
266 Green Bay Packers
284 John Kuhn All Pro
303 Aaron Rodgers MVP
309 Aaron Rodgers Fantasy Stud
319 Jordy Nelson Fantasy Stud
323 Eddie Lacy Fantasy Stud
345 Eddie Lacy T60
349 Randall Cobb T60
357 Aaron Rodgers T60
371 Jordy Nelson T60
390 Clay Matthews T60
446 Ty Montgomery RC
447 Brett Hundley RC
467 Damarious Randall RC

Base Variations
1 Brett Favre
3 Jordy Nelson
10 Eddie Lacy
11 Clay Matthews
20 Randall Cobb
446 Ty Montgomery
447 Brett Hundley

Base Autographs
3 Jordy Nelson
10 Eddie Lacy
11 Clay Matthews
20 Randall Cobb
447 Brett Hundley

Base Variation Autographs
1 Brett Favre
3 Jordy Nelson
10 Eddie Lacy
11 Clay Matthews
20 Randall Cobb
446 Ty Montgomery
447 Brett Hundley

1,000 Yard Club 
1KYC-EL Eddie Lacy
1KYC-JN Jordy Nelson
1KYC-RC Randall Cobb

4,000 Yard Club
4KYC-AR Aaron Rodgers

1963 Topps Mini Rookie Autographs #d
63A-BH Brett Hundley
63A-TM Ty Montgomery

1976 Topps Mini Rookie Autographs
76A-BH Brett Hundley
76A-TM Ty Montgomery

1987 Topps Super Rookie Autographs
87A-BH Brett Hundley
87A-TM Ty Montgomery

60th Anniversary
T60-AR Aaron Rodgers
T60-BF Brett Favre
T60-BH Brett Hundley
T60-CM Clay Matthews
T60-EL Eddie Lacy
T60-PH Paul Hornung
T60-RC Randall Cobb

60th Anniversary Autographs
T60A-BF Brett Favre
T60A-CM Clay Matthews
T60A-EL Eddie Lacy
T60A-JNE Jordy Nelson
T60A-PH Paul Hornung
T60A-RC Randall Cobb

60th Anniversary Commemorative Relics (Retail exclusive)
Base, Silver #/50, Gold #/25
T60R-AR Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers
T60R-BF Brett Favre
T60R-CM Clay Matthews
T60R-EL Eddie Lacy
T60R-JN Jordy Nelson

All-Time Fantasy Legends
ATFL-AR Aaron Rodgers
ATFL-BF Brett Favre
ATFL-PH Paul Hornung

TA-BH Brett Hundley
TA-DA Davante Adams
TA-EL Eddie Lacy

Autographed Relics #d 
TAR-CM Clay Matthews
TAR-EL Eddie Lacy
TAR-RC Randall Cobb

Fantasy Focus
FF-AR Aaron Rodgers
FF-EL Eddie Lacy
FF-JN Jordy Nelson
FF-RC Randall Cobb

In the Name Relics
ITN-CM Clay Matthews
ITN-EL Eddie Lacy
ITN-RC Randall Cobb

NFL Captains Patch (Retail only)
CP-AR Aaron Rodgers
CP-JN Jordy Nelson

NFLPA Rookie Premiere Autographs
Base #d, Red #/10
RPA-BH Brett Hundley
RPA-TM Ty Montgomery

Past & Present Performers Dual
PPP-LF Eddie Lacy -  Brett Favre
PPP-NH Jordy Nelson -  Paul Hornung
PPP-RF Aaron Rodgers -  Brett Favre
PPP-RH Aaron Rodgers -  Paul Hornung

TR-DA Davante Adams
TR-RC Randall Cobb

Rookie Patch
TRP-BH Brett Hundley
TRP-TM Ty Montgomery

Rookie Jumbo Relics (Wal-mart Exclusive)
RJR-BH Brett Hundley
RJR-TM Ty Montgomery

Rookie Autographed Jumbo Patch
RPA-BH Brett Hundley
RPA-TMO Ty Montgomery

Super Bowl Patch Commemorative Coin Relic (Retail Exclusive) #/50
NFLSBC-1 SUPER BOWL I - Green Bay Packers
NFLSBC-2 SUPER BOWL II - Green Bay Packers
NFLSBC-31 SUPER BOWL XXXI - Green Bay Packers
NFLSBC-45 SUPER BOWL XLV - Green Bay Packers

Topps Quarterback Fantasy Club Bronze Commemorative Relic (Retail exclusive) 
Base #/75,  Silver #/50, Gold #/25
QBFC-AR Aaron Rodgers

Topps Running Back Fantasy Club Bronze Commemorative Relic
Base #/75,  Silver #/50, Gold #/25
RBFC-EL Eddie Lacy

Topps Wide Receivers Fantasy Club Bronze Commemorative Relic
Base #/75,  Silver #/50, Gold #/25
WRFC-JN Jordy Nelson
WRFC-RC Randall Cobb

Ultimate Rookie Autograph

Base Variations

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