Wednesday, January 21, 2015

1950 Bowman Ultimate Packers Checklist and Gallery

One of my goals this year is to link every football set and Packers checklist to it's own post with a checklist and image gallery with as many card images as I can find.  So lets start way, way back with the 1950 Bowman set.

A beautiful set of smaller cards.  I love the write ups on the back and since this set came out only a few years after WWII ended there's usually a blurb on military service.  I don't currently have any of these cards in my personal collection, but I would love to one day put the Packers team set together.

9 Tony Canadeo RC
10 Larry Craig 
11 Ted Fritsch Sr. 
46 Al Baldwin 
47 Larry Coutre 
80 Dick Wildung 
81 Tobin Rote RC
82 Paul Burris 
118 Clayton Tonnemaker 
119 Walt Schlinkman 
120 Billy Grimes 
#9 Tony Canadeo

#9 Canadeo bk
#10 Larry Craig ft

#10 Larry Craig bk

#11 Ted Fritsch ft

#11 Ted Fritsch bk
#46 Al Baldwin front

#46 Al Baldwin bk

#47 Larry Coutre ft

#47 Larry Coutre bk
#80 Dick Wildung ft

#80 Dick Wildung bk

#81 Tobin Rote ft

#81 Tobin Rote bk

#82 Paul Burris ft

#82 Paul Burris bk

#118 Clayton Tonnemaker ft

#118 Clayton Tonnemaker bk

#119 Walt Schlinkman ft

#119 Walt Schlinkman bk

#120 Billy Grimes ft

#120 Billy Grimes bk

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