Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Woe is me.

It's ain't good news for the Packer faithful. Rodgers is out with a collar bone fracture. How long? Who knows. But what is clear he's out for the foreseeable future and right now the only guys we got is this guy.

The Packers/Bears game was suppose to be a blowout in the Packers favor. With a second string quarterback on the Bears the expectations were that Packers were going to run wild over the Bears.  Well it turns out McCown ain't that bad, and he had all week to get ready for the Packers.

I think Seneca still had Cheeto stains on his hands when he came into the game and looked a little wide eyed. Let face it how many snaps does he get in practice?  I think most of his time is spent holding the ball for Mason Crosby during kicking practice.  But like it or not this is our guy at least for the next game.  The Pack will have to get a back up to our back up and in a hurry, but I'm pretty sure Seneca will be starting against Eagles next week. But Seneca has experience and he's about to get a lot of reps in practice with 1st team.

It wasn't so long ago I was predicting the season was over in 2010 when Rodgers got hurt and Flynn replaced him to almost beat the Patriots.  I'm worried, but optimistic. The Packers strive on adversity. The 2010 season which had a ton of injuries is a great example and this season was looking to be about the same.   Of course Rodgers only missed one game that season due to injury, he could very well miss a lot more this season.


  1. I'm down on my knees... praying that Wallace can step in and win at least 1/2 of the games he plays in. You figure that the NFC West will have at least one wild card spot wrapped up. That leaves one other spot for the Packers to fight for (assuming the Lions or Bears win the division). The easy NFC North schedule is a good and bad thing for the Packers. We need the Lions and Bears to stumble.

    1. This week will be the tell for sure. If Senaca can hold his own we should be alright. Not great or good, but we have a fairly easy schedule, all things considered, for the next month or so.