Friday, March 4, 2011

5 More Years of the Hawkmeister

Interesting week to say the least on the Packer news front with AJ Hawk getting cut then what seems like the next day getting a 5 year deal.

I listen to ESPN radio on the ride home from work and when I first heard he'd been cut my first thought was WTF?  And then of course the blurb included that it was for cost cutting reasons and Hawk was due a 10 million dollar payday.  OK I get it, but damn I liked that dude.  Then yesterday on the ride home I hear he signed a 5 year deal.  The specifics aren't out yet but it's rumored to be worth about 35 mil over the 5 years.  Or about 7 million a year with 10 million guaranteed.  Of course these are rumors, but supposedly it's close.

The link will take you to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel page with the article.  I was searching around Yahoo but the AP article I found couldn't even get the name of the head coach right.  It kept calling him McCartney not McCarthy.  Christ I could be an editor there. But then I noticed that the MJS article did it too.  Then I realized that it was AJ Hawk who screwed us by picking an agent by the name of McCartney. Mike McCartney.  I guess I should read slower. Sorry guys.

What ever I'm glad to have AJ back for a while.  At the start of last season it was reported that he put his house up for sale in Green Bay.  I can only guess it's been taken off the market.  .

He was an integral part of the Super Bowl team and stepped up when Barnett when down.  I think the Pack is going to have a great defense this year, if we get to see them play and locking up a great linebacker like Hawk is awesome.  As long as AJ can stay healthy.  I think it should be a great 5 years.

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